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Heart Surgery

Heart surgery is a frightening prospect for anyone.  Few people realise how much techniques have improved since surgery was first used in the 1950s. Undergoing a heart procedure need not mean spending weeks in hospital and months recuperating.

Increasingly, advances such as keyhole surgery are helping patients recover more quickly.  The risks associated with surgery and anaesthesia have also declined, making it a good choice for people whose health and quality of life would otherwise by compromised by heart problems. 

If you and your GP feel investigations are needed, these can be carried out at Orwell Private Cardiothoracic Unit. 

If you then need a complex procedure, you can choose to be referred to our specialist cardiothoracic unit - Orwell Private Cardiothoracic Unit in Essex. This offers many leading edge interventions, carried out by nationally-renowned Surgeons and Cardiologists

Patients who choose the Orwell have the comfort of knowing they have the back up of a full intensive care unit and round-the-clock care from experienced consultant staff and specialist nurses. These means the Orwell can take patients who are likely to require extra care after their operation. They also take emergency cases where an operation is needed urgently.

Orwell Private Cardiothoracic Unit offers a range of heart surgery, carried out by specialist surgeons who are expert in their field. Contact us today to find out more our centre and our services.

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